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Nevada County and other Gold Country Counties are “Maverick Territory”. People who are creative, innovative, and like their space are mavericks. Of course, mavericks sometimes have problems, but with the right approach, seemingly unresolvable disputes are resolved.

Land Easement IssueSince 1992, Chuck has helped clients throughout Nevada, Sierra, Placer and El Dorado Counties with both simple and complex private and commercial real estate transactions and real property disputes. He takes pride in having up-to-date online resources (West Law, California Association of Realtor contract form software, official Judicial Council forms, etc.), hands-on experience, knowledge and expertise to plan and execute problem solving strategies, complete transactions efficiently and effectively, and creatively resolve real property disputes.

Easement issues are the most common real estate problem in Nevada County and surrounding Gold Country areas. Ninety-five percent of easement disputes can be handled without expensive trials if clients are open to reasonable solutions, are provided with an accurate assessment and understanding of the facts and the law and desire to resolve the issue amicably, bypassing resentment, revenge and the illusion of a 100% victory.

Chuck provides legal counsel in the following areas:

  • Easements, Encroachments and Property Line Disputes
  • Contract, Title and Disclosure Disputes
  • Title Defects, Title Examination and Title InsuranceReal Estate Contract
  • Construction Liens
  • Construction Contracts
  • Purchase Transactions, both Commercial and Private
  • Sub-Division Development and Permitting
  • Land Use/CEQA
  • Leases, both Commercial and Private
  • Homeowners and Private Road Associations
  • Civil Litigation Involving Real Property
  • Real Property Disputes Arising from Divorce, Separation of Married and Non-Married Owners

Chuck encourages clients to save money and time by educating themselves prior to making an appointment with an attorney. The law, of course, can be misleading (opaque) and complicated, and internet sources are not always reliable, up-to-date or California-specific. However, Chuck recommends potential clients educating themselves and then verifying best strategies with competent real estate counsel.

You may find the links below useful in your education process:

California Homeowner’s Bill of Rights

California Department of Real Estate  

California Environmental Quality Act of CEQA

Nolo Press: An Overview of Easements


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“My clients are sometimes surprised at what additional information I gather when I walk the property involved in a disputChuck Farrar photoe. Pictures and maps are essential, but having a live viewing of the property, ‘kicking the dirt’, is often invaluable in visualizing problems and their solutions”. Chuck Farrar