Business Law

Risk and Reward: Business can be lucrative but full of risk. Entrepreneurs can save time, money and headaches by choosing the correct business structure, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and strategically planning for and minimizing risks.

San Francisco PhotoWhen Chuck was a partner in the Business and Litigation Departments of Morrison & Foerster, an international law firm, he gained the experience and training to resolve complex matters, while managing the unique personalities and cultures of the many companies and executives he represented. These days as then, with single-minded focus on finding the most optimal solution for his clients given the situations at hand, Chuck successfully resolves most of his matters outside of litigation, helping clients avoid the emotion, expense, time and risk involved in litigation and lengthy trials.

As a resident of Nevada County for more than twenty years, Chuck has come to know the various cultures of tNevada-City-8-07- DON'T USE NO PERMISSIONhe local business environment (government agencies, landowners, business owners, entrepreneurs, residents, etc.) and unique personalities of small business owners, Chuck utilizes this knowledge and his extensive experience to come up with unique solutions.

How does Chuck  do this?  It begins with a thorough assessment of the facts (from the perspective of his client, those involved in the matter and other experts), legal research, if and as needed, analysis, and an understanding of the desired outcomes of the client, monetary value of the case and risks factors involved.  This process involves the practice of both art and science. Clarity is achieved once the client understands the true value and cost of defending or prosecuting a legal matter, enabling client decisions and finding  reasonable, doable solutions. Albert Einstein

“Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.”

Albert Einstein

In business, planning and prevention are key to reducing business risks and costly legal fees.  It pays to add an experienced business lawyer to your team BEFORE you need a lawyer to solve an immediate problem. Building a good working relationship with your lawyer is critical  not only to prevent legal issues but also to be able to respond quickly and effectively when blind-sighted by a “surprise” legal issue.  Your attorney will get to know you and your business vision and industry, brainstorm with you, anticipate potential problems and strategize ways to overcome or minimize them.

In the Albert Einstein quotation above: Are you the “intellectual” or the “genius”?

Add Chuck to Your Business Team

Chuck handles matters for both intellectuals and geniuses, providing training/prevention strategies/practices as well as legal transactions and response in the following areas:Chuck Farrar In Office

  • Contracts/Business Transactions
  • Business Entity Formations: Choice, Process, Filing
  • Buy Sell Agreements Among Business Equity Owners
  • Operating Agreements, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws
  • Buying and Selling a Business
  • Sales Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Partnership Formation & Dissolution
  • Commercial Lease Agreements/Negotiations
  • Executive Employment Agreements/ Terminations
  • Employer/Employee Relations Counseling
  • Operations Manuals and Procedures Manuals
  • Business Ethics/Whistleblower Laws
  • Internet Law
  • Trade Secret Law
  • Business Sales and Value Negotiations in Divorce or Separation

Serious about yohandshake2ur business and want an experienced lawyer on your team?  Call Chuck to schedule a free “get-to-know-each-other”  or “kick the tires” meeting to see if there is a good fit. Of course, when you schedule your appointment Chuck will do a legal “conflicts check” to determine if he is able to represent you and your business. Call Chuck at 530.273.0800 or 530.277.4862 to schedule an appointment.